School Referendum
Craig Olson Rotarian and Superintendent of the Hayward School District
Craigs stated purpose today was to introduce us to Jeannie Frank the Business manager of the District. And to inform us on the upcoming school referendum, to show the timeline of events and to answer questions.
The main reason for the upcoming referendum is a focus on improvements to safety and security for students and staff, to increase quality learning, an to repair and remodel aging buildings. This process is the culmination of an improvement study that Kraus Anderson construction has been working on along with our district administration. 
Craigs role here is to inform and disseminate information on the process of the referendum.   He mentioned that on the brochure there are QR codes that will lead you to a tax estimator and other additional information.  The Vote will occur on April 5 and there will be 3 opportunities to share information before this vote.  March 14 at the high school, March 16 at LCO, and March 21 at the high school.
The impact of the 49,700,000 dollar referendum on taxes will add a 0.64 dollar amount to the tax mill rate.
By design the referendum targets areas that have proven in the past to be important to communities and by prioritizing these in the referendum information these will hopefully enhance success in the referendum vote.  
Teacher recruitment has been very good.  In the last 3 years wages have improved by design to enhance quality teacher applicants.  Amazingly there are more than 50 teachers in the district that are what Craig calls home grown. Students that are products of our own regional education.  Adult teachers that were once students in the district.
There is a FEMA grant that the district has been working on that will fund a new gym that is also a storm shelter if we are able to capture it.  This Gym is shown in the referendum attached to the primary school.
There were a few comments from Rotarians on the added property values and enhancement of usiness and jobs that can be created from a good school district.